new people!


Thanks to Zim’s brilliant idea of a chatroom, I have acquired some half dozen of you. I am sorry. No, what. I mean. 

Obviously we share similar tastes but I also reblog a slew of other things that might not be in your cup of tea, in which case, feel free to unfollow or tumblrsavior (I tag my posts obsessively; apologies if something triggery slip through) me. No, seriously. I will understand. I do that, too. I only have the time to check tumblr two-three times on an average day and I am easily overwhelmed, so :’) I promise I will not hold it against you or whatever.

I also curse liberally.

In any case, hello :D /waves it’s lovely to meet y’all. 

(ps. old followers, this applies to you, too.)


  1. sataninacroptop said: I love everything I’ve seen from you so far! <3
  2. nucleation said: booooo BOOOOOOOOO
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